Your go to destination for skate sharpening in Wainwright!

At Armstrong’s Clothing and Sports, we GUARANTEE¬†perfect skates, every time!

Skate Sharpening

Cole Aykroyd sharpens skates behind the scenes at Armstrong’s Clothing and Sports.

Ask us why we are the best sharpeners in the world. Our staff have been trained by official Blademaster Training Staff, and we have three ways of ensuring you get the very best product, every time.¬†You rely on those blades whether you’re on the ice to play, as a coach, or as a ref, so make sure that when you need your skates sharpened you come to Wainwright’s top stop for skate sharpening!

Come see our new Top notch Sharpening booth, as well as our original Skate Cave. You can sit in quiet comfort, while our experts fit you to the perfect skates.

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