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Marty Yurchak

Marty has been with Armstrong’s since 2008, and in his mind has come full spectrum from being an “awkward dresser” according to his old colleagues to a much better drr… awkward dresser according to his new colleagues.

Not having played a lick of hockey his entire life, figuring out how to tie his skates and where to put his jock strap was a serious project. Six years later, Marty considers himself an all star hockey player with a career high scoring of.. one goal in the rec. league hockey. He also prides himself on having the loudest laugh humanly possible.


Connie Coleman

Connie is the actual boss of this store, even though the other manager thinks he is. Her specialities are bookkeeping, ladies wear, re-enacting scenes from “I Love Lucy” and making Marty live in fear.

Our longest standing employee, Connie remains committed to ensuring that ladies look and feel their best.


Margaret Yurchak

Margaret is the fifth generation of the family to enter the business, and fits the profile well.

Big Cheese

Norm Coleman

Norm, as you can tell is the coolest guy working here… In his 100yrs working at the store, Norm has learned a lot, and is definitely happy to tell you that. He knows nearly everyone in Wainwright, and has employed half of them over the years. His favourite saying is “You Gotta Listen!”

Ladies Wear Supervisor

Maxine Fiedler

Maxine has worked at Armstrong’s since 2010.  She enjoys working with and helping customers find the perfect outfit, for any occasion.

As you can see, she is a woman of many words.

Best Looking Sports Associate

Blaise Champion

Blaise has been around since 2015, he started his very first day of work on his 14th birthday!

Blaise has taken over management… Of the heat press. He is the master at decorating jerseys, name bars, and hoodies. In the fall you will see him peeking over the team wall hiding from his real duties, of assisting customers.

Sports Associate

Pierre Parent

Pierre has been with Armstrong’s since Fall 2012, our second longest standing employee. His skate sharpening abilities are remarkable, yet his cleanliness leaves his co-workers enraged.

To see this merchandising specialist in his natural habitat, swing by our Skate Cave during Noon-4pm. Pierre’s past times include generally being French, tormenting the staff with mannequins and confusing fellow employees. He is looking increasingly more like Wolverine everyday.

Sports Associate

Luke Hauser

Started off as an underage floor sweeper in 2014, but he still takes his sweeping duties very seriously. He has blossomed into an excellent skate sharpener.

Luke prides himself as a meticulous being, which can backfire into long line-ups at the skate room!

Sales Associate

Debbie Dueck

Debbie is the newest member of our team, and we feel that if we insult her here, she would leave… And we don’t want that! We will insult her in a few months, when we know she will stay.

Stock Associate/Ladies Wear

Lauren Perkins

Lauren shares a special interest with the boss man. She is a fellow pellet head like Marty. Whenever there is BBQ talk going on in the store, Lauren is sure to be found. Lauren has been with Armstrong’s since March 2017, and will be headed off to the University of Alberta in the fall.

Mens Wear Supervisor

Melissa McFadden

Melissa is our international team member. She hails from Ireland, and unlike Pierre, mostly speaks English! Melissa refused to have her picture taken. We think this is because she is an Irish mobster that’s in hiding. Or in police protection.

Sports and Sales Associate

Rheagan MacKenzie

Rheagan has been bouncing through the departments here for a couple years now. She has even taken the role of Janitor here. She resides in her den at the front till mostly, but is happy to sharpen skates, fit jeans, or help wherever she is needed.

Cleaning Chick

Paulette Newton

Paulette has been cleaning the joint for a few years now. She uses this job to continue sculpting her vicious guns. She scrubs the floor so hard that we can darn near see cement!


Marty is ‘NOT HERE’

People tend to ask for Marty, but this mystical creature hasn’t been spotted in the store for years! If spotted please contact us, WE NEED HIM HERE!!

The Muscle

The Rock

The Rock doesn’t actually work here, but it would be pretty cool if he did.


Dylan Tangen

Dylan started working the delivery end of our furniture side this year in Febuary. We have gotten to know him pretty quick, and are happy he is part our our family. He would like to notify everyone that he is single and taking applications!


Kyle Goddard

Kyle is best known for having one of the oldest looking vehicle amongst all employees, even though he is one of the youngest. Oh and did we say his name is Kyle?

Web Management

Website Guy

We aren’t too sure who is making this wicked awesome web page for our store, if you have any idea who you think it is please let us know!


Cole Yurchak

If you ever see Cole in the store he is either playing mini sticks with one of our sports associates or helping them with a project to play some hockey faster. Cole even tricks some of the boys into playing hockey by saying, “My Dad said if you want to play some hockey that it is okay.”

Owner/GM in Training

Isabella Yurchak

Isabella thoroughly enjoys helping her parents out with the store to the best of her abilities. Isabella learns things faster than some other people we have working for us.

New Employee

To Be Announced


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